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What You Need to Know About Financial News

Should financial news and media reports affect the way you make your investment decisions? Recently, a client said: “I just read about _________ (fill in Israeli company name) in The Jerusalem Post, and I’d like to buy 1000 shares.” I hear comments … [Read more...]

What Really Happened in the 2008 Market Meltdown

A book review and analysis of Ben Bernanke's book, The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and Its Aftermath As a financial advisor who worked with clients throughout the 2008 market meltdown, I was particularly interested in understanding the … [Read more...]

The 3 Books You Need to Complete Your Reading List

Although most of my conversations with clients center on helping them with their U.S. brokerage and IRA accounts, I like it when the conversation turns to what’s on our current reading list.  I’m always thrilled when people tell me that they read … [Read more...]

A Widow’s Dangerous Financial Decision

Here’s a story that I’ve watched unfold many times in my conference room. Do you recognize yourself, or perhaps your parents? She made a lot of money I sat with a new client, a woman whose husband of over 50 years had handled all of the money … [Read more...]

Should You Keep a Mortgage With a Low Interest Rate?

Some readers were surprised by my piece published  in The Jerusalem Post and on Profile Perspectives called, “The Most Important Thing to Do Before You Retire.” In it, I argued that you should try to eliminate all debt, including mortgages, before … [Read more...]

Is Fear Causing You to Lose Money?

Some investors’ fear of losing money compels them to completely avoid the stock market and other volatile investments. This phenomenon is often called “loss aversion.” People suffering from loss aversion will sometimes wait until they see the … [Read more...]

Three Important Retirement Planning Worries

Though the difference between retirement planning and all-inclusive financial planning may seem slim, people often plan too much for one target. If you focus excessively on your future retirement, you might forget that you have other bills and … [Read more...]

The Truth You Should Know About Behavioral Finance

As a financial planner, my exposure to the field of behavioral finance isn’t just theoretical. When clients come to my Jerusalem office for a consultation, I’m constantly amazed at how frequently their thought processes and rationalization of … [Read more...]

Three Money Messes to Avoid

Events beyond anyone’s control can adversely affect the retirement savings plans of even the most careful savers. Here are three potential money messes that may be inevitable and unavoidable, but by controlling your response, you can minimize their … [Read more...]

Spend Your Money Now

"You always tell people to save," my friend said. "When should people enjoy life and spend some money?" He's right. If you've been reading my articles and blogs and listening to my radio show (Goldstein on Gelt) over the years, and if you haven't … [Read more...]

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