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Three Important Retirement Planning Worries

Though the difference between retirement planning and all-inclusive financial planning may seem slim, people often plan too much for one target. If you focus excessively on your future retirement, you might forget that you have other bills and … [Read more...]

The Truth You Should Know About Behavioral Finance

As a financial planner, my exposure to the field of behavioral finance isn’t just theoretical. When clients come to my Jerusalem office for a consultation, I’m constantly amazed at how frequently their thought processes and rationalization of … [Read more...]

Three Money Messes to Avoid

Events beyond anyone’s control can adversely affect the retirement savings plans of even the most careful savers. Here are three potential money messes that may be inevitable and unavoidable, but by controlling your response, you can minimize their … [Read more...]

Spend Your Money Now

"You always tell people to save," my friend said. "When should people enjoy life and spend some money?" He's right. If you've been reading my articles and blogs and listening to my radio show (Goldstein on Gelt) over the years, and if you haven't … [Read more...]

An Investment in Israeli Transportation

The last time you drove in Tel Aviv, did you wish there was a more efficient transportation system that’s clean, fast, and comfortable? As traffic and levels of air pollution rise in the world’s major cities, the need to find an effective system … [Read more...]

Is Your Home Your Retirement Nest Egg?

Many people consider their home to be their best investment because they get to live in what they hope is a one-way street to real-estate appreciation. People’s homes are often the largest percentage of their net worth. However, as I often remind … [Read more...]

Why Retirement May Cost More than You Think

The typical image of retirement used to be of Grandma sitting on her rocking chair knitting, supporting herself with the sizeable pension checks Grandpa received in the mail. However, this picture no longer represents today’s retirees. While life … [Read more...]

Is America Investing the Right Way?

Countries reduce their deficit by cutting spending and raising taxes. Neither move is very popular. On The Goldstein on Gelt Show I spoke with David Leonhardt, Washington Bureau Chief of The New York Times, about possible solutions to governments’ … [Read more...]

Adding Global Assets to Your Retirement Portfolio

Putting a portion of your retirement portfolio in another country is a good way to diversify risk on a global level. The risks associated with the economy of any single country can be mitigated by purchasing assets in other countries. Geographic … [Read more...]

The Costs and Benefits of Early Retirement

Early retirement may sound appealing. But like most things, timing and planning are essential. Assuming that you have planned your retirement with the help of a professional financial advisor, you should know how much money you will need to … [Read more...]

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