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How Much Money Can You Afford to Lose in a Risky Investment?

If I asked you, “How much money do you want to lose in a risky investment?” you would probably think this was a strange question. However, you must consider the risks before you invest. When you put money in the stock market you give up the … [Read more...]

Do Simple Investments Generate Higher Returns?

Simple investments can help increase your returns. When Confucius said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated,” he could have been alluding to the fact that using complicated investing strategies can reduce your overall … [Read more...]

Why Getting an Inheritance Doesn’t Always Make You Rich

“If you spend that amount of money from the inheritance you just received,” I told a client a few years ago, “it’s going to vanish over time.” Guess what? It did. This client spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and had nothing to show for it, … [Read more...]

Is It Easier to Make Money or Lose Money?

How easy is it to make money to recoup a loss? Recently, I found myself in the Financial Advisor’s Twilight Zone when a client assured me, “It’s OK if I lose money. My investments are for the long term and I have time to recoup the losses.” Why was … [Read more...]

Should You Engage in Copycat Trading?

“Copycat trading” is when a regular trader copies the trades of more experienced and successful traders. It sounds simple enough: copying someone else’s trades makes trading easier for you as it eliminates the need for you to do your own research. If … [Read more...]

Gambling vs. Investing: Where Are You More Likely to Win?

Can you make more money gambling in a casino or investing in the stock market? Both investors and gamblers make decisions on where to place their money based on the likelihood of certain events happening. The probability of high gambling returns is … [Read more...]

Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Financial Advisor

When potential clients come in for an introductory meeting, I find that they frequently ask me the wrong questions. While my background and my firm’s corporate culture (“servicing our clients” is our priority) are important topics, details like … [Read more...]

Are Bonds “Safe” Even if They Drop in Value?

“Are bonds safe?” asked a fellow in a café who recognized me from the Friday paper. We then lamented having to pay 16 NIS instead of NIS 15 for our coffee. “Inflation,” I commented. Then he asked for advice about bonds: “If the central bank raises … [Read more...]

Do Market Timers Generate High Returns?

Can market timers outperform the market? One of the most watched bets in investment history just wound down. Ten years ago, billionaire stock investor Warren Buffett wagered that the S&P 500 Index would outperform five hedge funds over the next … [Read more...]

“Over My Dead Body!” Use a Will or Trust to Help Avoid Battles over Your Estate

A will or trust is critical to protect your estate after your passing, and to make a smooth transition of wealth to your intended heirs. Take the story of Sarah: Her sister’s family lives in the Tel Aviv apartment her widowed father suggested should … [Read more...]

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