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“Over My Dead Body!” Use a Will or Trust to Help Avoid Battles over Your Estate

A will or trust is critical to protect your estate after your passing, and to make a smooth transition of wealth to your intended heirs. Take the story of Sarah: Her sister’s family lives in the Tel Aviv apartment her widowed father suggested should … [Read more...]

Why a Stock’s Price Doesn’t Matter

There are many factors to consider before buying a stock, but the sticker price shouldn’t be one of them. This joke illustrates why: A market analyst walks into a pizzeria and orders a pizza. When the pie is ready, he’s asked, “Should I cut it into … [Read more...]

Growth vs. Income Investing: Is the Cost of Growth Too High?

According to conventional “growth vs. income” investing advice, if you are a young, upwardly mobile millennial you should put more money in growth stocks that have more risk, but higher potential than other investments. If you’re closer to … [Read more...]

Should Retirees Diversify Globally to Protect Their Savings?

Retirees who diversify globally protect themselves from investing with too much home bias. If you are saving for a future retirement, your goal is probably to grow your capital. If you only focus on higher returns, though, you may take risks you … [Read more...]

Should I Sell Out before Losing Money in a Stock Market Crash?

A retiree called me, nervous about the stock market crashing. He wanted to know if he should abandon the markets by selling his stocks and staying in cash. An alternative to timing the market Since you can’t predict when the market will crash, … [Read more...]

Are Emerging Markets’ Potential Returns Worth the Risks?

Investors are on track to invest $1 trillion in emerging markets in 2017. Emerging market investments allow investors to try to capture higher investment returns in exchange for higher risks… sometimes significantly higher risks. Investing in … [Read more...]

Will Dividends or Interest Boost My Retirement Savings More?

In a well-diversified portfolio, you normally have three different type of earnings — appreciation, dividends, or interest. “Appreciation” is the growth in the value of your investment based on the market going up. Income investors receive … [Read more...]

When Does Past Performance in Investments Matter?

When analyzing a company, pundits examine past performance and fundamental assets. On Profile Investment Services’ 20th anniversary, I’d like to focus on both: The company’s history In 1997, the Israeli government passed a law that all investment … [Read more...]

3 Important Things to Do before the New Fiscal Year

Avoid some common financial problems by considering these three points before the new fiscal year begins: Review your financial plan No matter how accurate your financial plan was when it was created, things change.  Review your plan now and make … [Read more...]

I Don’t Feel Inflation. Is it Hurting My Savings?

Inflation doesn’t hit like the sting of a credit card bill from an overzealous shopping trip. Rather, its bite is slow and painful. Because the price level of goods and services tends to rise gradually, inflation’s slow incursion on your pocketbook … [Read more...]

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