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Israeli Pension Plans

Israeli law requires that full-time workers who have worked for longer than six months receive a pension plan through their employers. This is part of the government’s plan of making sure individuals have private pensions to supplement their … [Read more...]

Corporate or Treasury Bonds-Which Bonds are Better?

Corporate and Treasury bonds can help you turn your nest egg into an income stream. In fact, generating a steady income stream to supplement your pension may be one of the hardest parts of retirement. Bonds have a set interest rate and they usually … [Read more...]

What is the Best Way to Reduce Risk in Your Portfolio

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fail-proof way to reduce risk in your retirement portfolio? Any investment ad worth its weight in gold has a disclaimer, “All investments are subject to risk.” That is because risk is the operative term when it … [Read more...]

What Percentage of Your Retirement Portfolio Should Be Bonds

Retirees often include bonds in their retirement portfolio because of their perceived safety and the consistent income they provide. However, while bonds play a valuable role in a retiree’s portfolio, understand how they work before getting … [Read more...]

Does Investor Bias Make You Underperform the Market?

A friend recently had a losing streak at the casino. Instead of walking away, he played more hands of blackjack. “I was determined to win,” he lamented. In fact, he was playing to recoup his losses. He was a victim of investment biases … [Read more...]

Should You Follow Investment Trends or Bet against the Masses?

Today, many “investment trend” websites are enticing online traders to join. Investors who follow the trend – also known as “momentum trading” – invest in stocks based on rising market prices rather than company fundamentals. The strategy of … [Read more...]

Do You Look at the Risk-Reward Ratio of Your Stocks and Bonds?

The risk-reward ratio is an attempt to quantify the amount of risk you need to take in order to get an anticipated return from any investment. If you were to only consider past returns when deciding whether to invest in stocks or bonds, stocks would … [Read more...]

Can Optimism Increase Your Investment Returns?

Are your investment returns determined by your worldview? Are people hardwired to be pessimists? Millions of years ago, if an optimistic caveman dismissed a rustle in a bush as the wind blowing, our ancestor may have ended up as a tiger’s lunch. As … [Read more...]

How to Safely Boost Returns in a Low Interest Rate Environment

To the dismay of yield-seeking investors, interest rates remain at historic lows. Although rates on long-term bonds may begin to inch up, analysts generally expect that we may remain in a low-interest-rate environment for a while longer. So, what are … [Read more...]

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