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Secrets to a Financially Strong Marriage

Financially secure marriageDisplayed prominently in our living room is a list titled, “Abba’s Secrets to Success”. Now, as my oldest daughter is about to get married, I’ve compiled “Abba’s Secrets to a Financially Secure Marriage” for her and her groom. With their permission, I’d like to share it with you:

Be completely honest – Open communication is better than financial infidelity. Hidden spending not only damages your future goals but erodes trust. Discuss money regularly, not just when you have a big bill to pay.

Work on joint financial goals – Don’t fall into roles of good cop/bad cop where one of you wants to spend and the other wants to save. You’re merging your lives; now merge your money. There is no such thing as “my” money – no matter who brings home the paycheck, consider it “ours.”

Live below your means – Accumulating “stuff” is expensive. Create a budget and stick to it. Review your spending/saving goals regularly. And most importantly, ignore financial peer pressure to spend.

Make charity a priority –Get involved in tzedaka and make the world a better place.

Pay yourself first – You’ll grow old together; begin planning for it now. Compound interest and time are your new best friends. Make sure your savings is divided into three pots: an emergency fund, short-term, and long-term savings. Having an emergency fund is the best way to ensure that an unexpected problem won’t turn into a crisis.

Avoid debt – Make sure you have enough money saved before you buy. Avoid tashlumim! The only exception is taking on a mortgage (and then be careful not to buy a house that is too expensive.)

Find a financial advisor that you trust – Though I would be honored if you choose me, read this article to make sure you select wisely.

Be detail-oriented – Pay your bills on time, file taxes, make sure you have insurance and healthcare directives.

Remember money is a tool to help you achieve great things, not an end in and of itself. Use it carefully and build well. And Mazel Tov!


Douglas Goldstein, CFP®, investment advisor, is the co-author with Grandmaster Susan Polgar of Rich As A King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing and director of Profile Investment Services, LTD, which specializes in helping people meet their financial goals through asset allocation and financial planning.

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