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Short on Retirement Savings? Here’s What You Need to Do

Retirement savingsMore than 10,000 baby boomers cross the retirement threshold every day, and nearly one in four of them of haven’t saved enough to retire comfortably. If you’ve reached that point and realize your retirement savings won’t last your lifetime, it’s time to have an uncomfortable conversation with a financial advisor because there are several things that need to be done. But it all starts with having a plan.

Create a realistic plan

Establish realistic goals based on what you expect to happen. That should include a new time line for critical milestones, such as when you expect to stop working, when to start Social Security and Bituach Leumi, and when (or if) you will need to begin digging into your capital. Crunch the numbers to come up with a pre- and post-retirement spending plan as well as an investment strategy to maximize your income and capital growth.

Start living like a retiree now

By adjusting your lifestyle you can lower spending to make a significant difference in how much you can save. Reducing your budget now can also prepare you for the transition of living with a lower income as you move into retirement. The pre-retirement years may be the ideal time to downsize your home, your car, and your lifestyle.

Delay retirement to the “new 65”

For many people, regardless of where they stand financially, 70 is the “new 65” when it comes to retirement age. There are several advantages to working longer:

* You can maximize your Social Security and Bituach Leumi.

*It will reduce the number of years you’ll actually live in retirement.

*It will give you more time to build your nest egg.

If you delay retirement, reduce your spending, and increase your savings, you gain the huge benefit of time to allow your money to work for you. It may not be the retirement you envisioned, but it doesn’t have to be the disaster many are facing today. Learn more about improving your retirement income by watching this short video.


Douglas Goldstein, CFP®, investment advisor, is the co-author with Grandmaster Susan Polgar of Rich As A King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing and director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd., which specializes in helping people meet their financial goals through asset allocation and financial planning.

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